Pilgrimage changed my life. I’ve always known I was a control freak, but I never really understood how that interfered with my relationship with God until Pilgrimage. It was there I discovered that not only was I trying to control everything else in my life, I was trying to control God. How silly! As if God needed any help from me. Since pilgrimage, I’ve been learning to rest in God’s will for my life and take it as it comes. -Lynda, Omaha, NE

GPP29 was more than I could have ever imagined! I have so much gratitude and joy in my heart. The renewal of faith, wisdom and healing I’ve received is life changing. Thank you to my new friends as we navigated through conversations to grow and to all the teams who tirelessly put together a beautiful expression of God’s love and grace that I will always remember. – Annett M.

Pilgrimage was like “The Great Awakening” in my life. I was all “Christian” on the outside, did all the right things any “Christian” would do. Over the years, I was a Deacon, Elder, Praise team leader, Sunday School Teacher, and Youth leader, and I thought I knew Christ and His call on my life. Pilgrimage took everything I knew about Christ from my head and explained it to my heart. At Pilgrimage, God showed me how much He loves us, His unending grace and our response to His grace in the way we live our lives, our commitment to reading His Word and being His people. I made my weekend 15 years ago and am still seeing the ripples God started so many years ago. I am overwhelmed just thinking about it! -Bill, Mathews, NC

I agreed to attend the Pilgrimage retreat because I ran out of excuses to give my sponsor. During the first evening something wonderful happened to me inside. I didn’t want the weekend to be over. I feel like I’ve had a heart transplant and I feel the Presence of Jesus in my heart. -Sandra, Omaha, NE

A lot of people talk about “life changing” moments or events in their lives…this truly is mine. Pilgrimage has the power to not only change your heart, but also your spirit, your mind, and your soul. It’s a true transformation experience. I will never be the way I was before. This experience embodies Christ’s spirit on earth. -Mandy, Omaha, NE

Pilgrimage is led by lay people. This is what makes pilgrimage powerful. Ordinary Christians, from numerous churches, work hard together to bring three extraordinary days to others, explaining their faith and demonstrating Christ’s impact in their lives. Guests set aside the secular world for 72 hours and can focus on their spiritual lives totally surrounded by a Christian community. Christians are required to be out in the world, but occasionally need to renew and recharge themselves. Pilgrimage reinvigorated me and deepened my faith. It was among the three most important days in my Christian walk. -Chuck, Omaha, NE

I would say that I can be a ‘last minute’ type of guy, and that is certainly how I ended up coming to the Pilgrimage. It was something I had been wanted to do, but the business of life always seemed to get the upper hand; but God was certainly keeping His eyes on me and making sure I got there. Being in worship, and God knowing that I was searching Him out, gave way to a weekend of building a stronger faith & relationship with Him. As the weekend moved forward, I felt a sense of being lifted out of my despair into renewal. I have a higher level of faith for life. -Don, Omaha, NE

I was invited to Pilgrimage several times, but always had an excuse not to go—too inconvenient, had to take time off of work, too far to go, and just plain why? The one time I was not asked, I had an overwhelming urge that this was the one I needed to go to. The “urge” kept getting stronger so I put all my excuses aside and went. I was welcomed with open arms. The people are fun and friendly. I was very surprised at the different emotions I felt while there. I finally felt peacefulness within myself that I had never felt before. Everyone is helpful and so understanding of what you are feeling. I always wondered why someone would want to devote themselves to Pilgrimage and get so involved. Now I know. That is why I want to go back and work on a team. I want to give back to others what Pilgrimage gave to me. – Cyndee, Sioux Falls, S.D.